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Daddy's little girl always
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I like to talk with my Daddy on line since we do not live near eachother. I like to ask Daddy if he wants me to turn my web cam on so he can see his little girl. I like that he can see me and the funny faces I make as we chat and he likes to tell me to do things for him, which I happily do. We have a lot of fun :)

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Master Daddy

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You definitly keep Daddy on his toes.  The cam is good for fun and for punishment.


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i give my daddy cuddles and put my arms around his neck and and say things if that didnt work i would probably jump up and down going "squee squee squee squeeeeee!!!" ^_^

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Jordan Leigh
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Personally, I am just honest and straight to the point, and tell my Daddy when I want His attention. I certainly don't condemn how anyone else maintains their relationship, asthey are all different. But quite simply, I say, "Daddy, I need attention", or "Daddy will you pay attention to me?"

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I say "jiggle jiggle jiggle" and make my boobs or my butt jiggle o-o Or I lick him.

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When I want Daddy's attention I am a little naughty and he knows exactly what I need ...lots of pouting turns into lots is cuddles 



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i tug on his shirt till he pays attention to me

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.....This will sound odd, .....but I never really have to try. Not really. He may be what you would call a bit on the spoiling side? Maybe? Idk? But if I need More! ( ; (Which let's be honest, can we Ever get enough?... No.),I DO end up slightly misbehaving. Little things, like calling him a "poop head". I know, I know. Or sighing Really heavily. ... and frowning a bit. Or tickling, that usually gets a tickle back. Or saying, "I'm not Talking to you." Then he'll smile and talk to me. He usually reads it pretty quick, and attends to me. His spot is holding me. Mine in his arms.
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One of the things I have had to learn is how to communicate more openly, so if I feel like I need more attention I just ask. I love how I can do that now! 

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Having that openess with a Caregiver makes a big difference and we do need to (and I struggle sometimes with) the act of starting that conversation freely learning to accept some responsiblity for our relationship.

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A bit of background info might help. In previous relationships I got used to not being open at all. I was the sort who would drop hints or go quiet or act upset but not say why. That was a habit I've had to work hard to break so the playful bratty thing to get attention doesn't work as fun for me. I am playful in other ways (not all of which I can talk about here!) but I try to be straightforward in saying how I feel and what I need. 

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Ray's Little Slave
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Sabi at March 26, 2016 at 4:08 PM

One of the things I have had to learn is how to communicate more openly, so if I feel like I need more attention I just ask. I love how I can do that now! 

I have experienced that phenomenon with Ray as well.  I have to get used to it.  But it's a nice thing to get used to!  :)

When I was married, I got rejected sexually for literally years.  This messed with my self esteem big time.  Ray and I have done lots of things to work on this.  I used to be ashamed of how sexual I am, and how much I enjoy and need sexual attention.  Ray makes it very clear that he is sexually attracted to me.  He loves to caress me, kiss me, and bring me to multiple orgasms until I'm exhausted.  I often cry when he does that because he is doing things strictly for my pleasure.  He tells me all of the time that it gives him great pleasure to give me pleasure, and he loves doing that for me.  

He told me not to be afraid to just tell him when I need sex.  He will always accommodate me.  But that is still difficult for me to do because of the severe sexual rejection I used to get from my ex-husband.  (The reason we divorced is that he was gay, and finally decided to "come out" and act on it. We tried to make it work for 30 years..had 3 children together.  But he was never really sexually attracted to me.  He is sexually attracted to men.)

So, for 30 years, I have been in a relationship with a gay man.  I don't even know what a relationship with a heterosexual man is like.  I was shocked when Ray told me that it excites him to give me oral sex, and stimulate me to orgasm.  He enjoys it!  It's not something he is just doing out of charity.  That is how I felt whenever my ex and I had any type of sexual encounter at all.  It was like he was doing me some huge favor.  Ray had to explain to me that most heterosexual men LOVE women with a high sex drive.  It's a good thing, not something to be ashamed of.

I'll never forget the first time I asked Ray for sex.  It was probably one of the most difficult things I ever did.  He told me how proud he was of me for doing that.  (And of course, he immediately obliged.  LOL)

Communication is so key in any type of BDSM relationship, and I think there is even an additional element of trust involved in a "little" relationship.  You are allowing your Daddy Dom to see a very vulnerable side of you.  A side that you rarely share, or, perhaps never share, with the outside world.  I think that Daddy Doms are very special that way.  They accept that responsibility, and recognize it for what it is.

I am very grateful to be Ray's "little slave".  I have never had a more healthy, complete relationship in my entire life.


Music is my drug of choice.

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