A Little Understanding

Judge not what you have no desire to understand



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5:02 AM on October 11, 2019 
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1:24 AM on October 11, 2019 
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Reply Princess Sweet Tea
11:57 PM on October 9, 2019 
I'm glad there's at least one other real person on here.
Craze says...
@Cassi I hope you still read this site, as i have read it off and on since 2012; thank you for sharing your outlook and im sorry about all these darn spammers that have no reason to be on this website;many thanks for helping me discover who i am, as before 2012 i never knew i was a little. i didn't know they even existed before that, really

I wish you and your Dom the best of luck for all time, and hope i can find one for myself to call Daddy
Reply Pamela Perez
11:50 PM on October 9, 2019 
Thank you for your description of a Daddy and a little. Is there a separate definition for baby girl?
Reply DarioBrugs
2:54 PM on October 8, 2019 
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Reply Agenda
1:15 PM on October 7, 2019 
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