Shari's little corner Shari's little corner Shari I love this dress :) 172565129 Tattoo One of my many tattoos, with ribbing from my Daddy's earlier ropework. 172565130 Tattoos More tattoos and ropework reminders;-) 172565131 Kissing Sable Our kitty cat, Sable. 172565132 Goofing around with Daddy I love that he plays with me and acts silly, too. He's so much fun. I LOVE my Daddy! 172565133 Hello We like hats! 172565134 My lighter Ok, some people might find this silly, but my Daddy got me this. I have a thing for images of keys, (several of my tattoos contain keys) and I'm new to BDSM and Daddy is my first Master, I'm collared...anyway he found this lighter with the heart lock and key, the words True Love AND it's even PINK. He brought his home and surprised me! I was a happy girl! 172565135 Happy I can't remember ever being as happy as I have been since I met my Daddy. Everyone who knows me notices the change in me. 172565136 Coffee with Daddy This is us. He just melts me. 172565137 Shhh...I had to try it's Hello Kitty! I snuck and tried on my daughter's new Hello Kitty shirt... I ADORE Hello Kitty! Now I want one too! 172565138