LadyRaven's playroom LadyRaven's playroom I am your Navy Girl "Because real women fight alongside their man...not hide behind them." 176822042 LadyRaven Lady Raven When the Lady Raven spreads her wings, All before her flees in fear, As she soars the darkened skies, Her heart sings, To the night seer, Welcoming all who dies. The Lady Raven so mysterious and evil, Of endless grace and beauty, Her heart so black as the darkest night, One might say she is fair and true, If they lived to tell the tale. 176822039 LadyRaven2 Lady and Raven While the Lady is away, Her Raven will play, Flitting about and sway, Enjoying a carefree day. When the Lady return, Her Raven becomes stern, In order to gain trust it must earn, Her love and its passion burn. 176822041 LadyRaven3 How hauntily sweet her song she sings Her head lifted to the moon's light As she takes flight, spreading her wings Gliding across the darkened night She lures the spirits to their kings 176822047 LadyRaven4 The Lady Raven Bleeds The lady sits by the window Her soul stolen Her heart bleeding In these eyes you can see Your own despair Her tears forever falling Her sorrow her only companion Her raven, never more Flies free into the night A message in its claws For tonight she will sing Her last song as a mortal An arrow stuck in her heart She now belongs to the night 176822050 RavenGurl Lonesome Raven She elegantly perks upon her perch Her pain rings true through the night As she calls on her past lovers Seeking solace she cries Her feathers she fluffs Once twice Knowing I watch Again she sings No moon to gaze upon Dark grey clouds hide She's lost as she beckons For any to hear and guide Alone is she as is I I watch from the ground Wishing to spread Wings to fly to her Comfort her and guide her My heart hums its own tune Along with her song She watches me watching her Raising her head To the empty sky She makes herself known 176822053 I am your Barbie Gurl... Dress me up Brush my hair I am your Barbie Gurl... 176822043 Pretty in Pink Cause every gurl gotsa have pink! 176822048 My rose to you My purple rose just for you... The many years it has gone through The many tears I have shed for you It is my purple rose just for you... 176822049 Smile... Smile... Smile, she said As if she had never laid A hand against me Smile, she said Just before we got to church My adopted mother challenged With eyes that warned Daring me to disobey Smile, she said Sadistically twisted She was sarcastically gloating Smile, she said Smile, they said As if it were easy Sweetly arrogant were they Smile, they said As I walked into our office All smug and taunting Were they Happy to see my suffering Smile, they said Gleaming with sick disdain Eager to see a twitch of despair Smile, they said Smile, the happy girl said As if commanding me Hoping to cheer me up Smile, the happy girl said As I was walking down the street My eyes forlorn My lips set tightly in a line I couldn't even look at her Smile, the happy girl said Skipping gleefully by Not a care in the world Smile, the happy girl said Smile, they all said. Their voices screaming In my ears as the last drop of blood dripped Smile, they all said. 176822051 I'm Hiding Act like nothing happened That's what she said As if I was a paid actress As if it were but a scratch I'm Hiding Who I am How I feel What I feel I'm hiding So today I put on a mask And with a fake smile I hide away all the pain Tuck the tears away I'm Hiding Who I am How I feel What I feel I'm hiding I pretend, I pretend to be normal A normal happy smiling child All the worlds my oyster And apples fall from trees I'm Hiding Who I am How I feel What I feel I'm hiding I go to church and pretend Pretend that moments ago I was not hit beaten My ego bruised I'm Hiding Who I am How I feel What I feel I'm hiding Been hiding so much Like a hibernating bear A caterpillar stuck in its cocoon Don't even know who I am anymore 176822052 176822054 176822040 Got Pussy? When one pussy is just not enough... 176822044 Can you do this? The Balancing Stretching Cat Yogo Pose 176822045 Too sexy.... 176822046