A Little Understanding

Judge not what you have no desire to understand

Chatroom - Please read the rules below.


Rules of the chatroom:

  ♥ Be respectful at all times - we are all unique and it is our right to be different. Respect that. 

  ♥ Keep it PG13  - This is not an adults only website. There is no way to determine the age of the people you are speaking to, so keep it clean. 

  ♥ Keep swearing to a minimum as it may offend "little" ears.

  ♥ Keep personal information like phone numbers and home addresses to yourself. Just a safety precaution.

  ♥ Have fun! 


Should I make a chatango Account?

I do recommend making an account for the following reasons:

  ♥ You can make your avatar and profile

  ♥ You can set it up so you get an email when people post in the chat (Don't worry, it only emails you once in between the times when you log in)

  ♥ People can message you privately, and you can message other people privately.


I do suggest however that you change a couple of settings  on your chatango account so that you don't get messaged from random strangers from the chatango website:

  ♥ Click "edit profile" on the chatango website and uncheck the box that says "Show in user Directory"

  ♥ In the top right corner of the chatango website, you'll see "account". Click that and click "settings". Uncheck the box that says "show my profile in meet people" 


Happy Chatting!

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