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Judge not what you have no desire to understand


 There are so many different terms that get thrown around within the D/s world that sometimes it seems like everything is all the same. On this page you will find just a few words that are commonly attributed to littles and Daddy Doms, and a quick definition of those terms.

It is also important to note - that while my terms seem very black and white, and very specific, many people will not fit neatly into just one of the roles listed below, but more than one. The lines between different roles are often much more blurred than I lay out, but I separate them for clarity and to learn.

These definitions are purely my own take on the words, different people will have different interpretations on what the terms mean. 



Ageplay is the roleplaying of a different age. Most commonly an ageplayer plays a younger person - a teen, child or baby... But occasionally will play someone older. An ageplayer will usually have a set age or ages they like to roleplay and can snap in and out of their chosen role as appropriate. Ageplay may or may not be sexual, and depends heavily on the individual. 

Ageplay is often confused with littles as both involve adults behaving in a childlike manner, but while they may seem the same, they are not. They do work well when used together though.

For more information, click here and here  


AB/DL is short for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover. It is a form of ageplay where one person plays the role of a baby. Often an AB/DL will wear a diaper, drink from baby bottles and talk in babytalk. This is not always the case however and each AB/DL will have their own unique behaviour. 

A person may identify with just one or both sides of AB/DL, for example, they might enjoy the sensation of wearing a diaper, but not consider themselves an adult baby, or ageplayer. 

I do not claim to know much about this lifestyle and will not go into it in detail.  

This website doesn't touch on AB/DL very much as I consider it closer to ageplay than to littles. This is just my perspective though and not everyone will agree.

For more information click here and here 


This is a term I most often see debated, so my definition may not fit well with how others see the term, but here goes:

A babygirl is any submissive who prefers a more gentle and nurturing type Dominant partner, a Daddy Dom. They may or may not have childlike tendancies but most at least have some behaviours in their personality that may seem adolescent. 

Like all submissives, a babygirl feels happier and more secure when boundaries are placed on them by their Dominant partner, but they require a little more leniancy than your typical submissive.  A Babygirl needs her Dominant partner to provide a safe secure environment to be free and to play rather than feeling the need to serve all the time.

Not all babygirls are littles. a little is a type of babygirl.  


I have put this in as I want to make it clear that the roles in this lifestyle are not gender specific. There are of course submissive males out there that prefer the gentler more nurturing Dominant partner. 

Babyboys just like babygirls may be childlike but may not be.  


A big is the word to indicate someone who acts more "adult". I have seen it used in two different ways:

- It can be used (often by littles) to indicate someone who acts more adult than themselves: ie to describe a Daddy or friend who isn't "little"

- It can be used to talk about a little's more "adult" side.


Middle is a term that I only hear on occasion, but felt it was worth adding. A middle is a babygirl who like a little can often feel younger than their typical "adult self". What makes a middle different to a little is middles feel older than your typical "little". 

Only some people prefer to use this term to define a little who behaves more like an adolescent (or even young adult) rather than a child. 

This is also a type of babygirl, and most people who would fit under this category would just call themselves babygirls.  


A little is a type of submissive who has an innate childlike side to their personality. It is not a roleplay thing and most littles have considered themselves "immature" most of their lives. A little has what I like to call a "loud inner child"

a little their feelings of insecurity, dependence and vulnerability by acting childlike. Each little will have their own approximate age range they feel but may not be able to tell you precisely as their "little age" will vary based on their emotions and their environment, it's not usually a precise chosen age.


A Doll is a type of submissive that is not quite within this lifestyle, but commonly associated by people I speak to.

A doll is a submissive who strives to please their Dominant by being dressed up, put on display, played with like a doll, etc. There is often a focus on how a doll is dressed and made up. Every doll is different and the relationship between a doll and her Dom will vary from person to person. Not all dolls are sexual. A doll may prefer a Daddy Dom type partner, or a stricter Master type. Many dolls while not being "mindless" in their everyday life enjoy being able to lose their free thought while being "dollified" by their Dom. A doll may be dressed to appear childlike on occasion, but aren't typically childlike in behaviour.

Daddy Dom

A Daddy Dom is a type of Dominant partner who is more nurturing and caring than your typical Master. He is always in control but in a different way to that of a Master. A Daddy Dom is not a father to his babygirl. A Daddy Dom will often lay out rules for his girl that help her to improve her life, not just please him. 

For more information click here and here

Mommy Domme

This is just added to explain that my explanations are not intended as gender specific. Mommy Dommes exist and just like Daddy Doms are more gentle and nurturing than your typical Mistress or Master type. 

Daddy/Mommy (Not Dominant)

There are other variations to this lifestyle in which a daddy or mommy of a relationship is not Dominant - only really takes care and loves their little one, without the same level of control as a Daddy Dom or Mommy Domme.


There is also another version of this lifestyle in which the little is actually the Dominant partner or switches, and the daddy or mommy are the submissive and serve their little one by taking good care of them and providing them with all they wish for, within reason.


I don't talk about these alternatives all that much, as this site is intended to be around the Daddy Dom and submissive little girl lifestyle, and I don't know a great deal about these other lifestyles.  

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