A Little Understanding

Judge not what you have no desire to understand

                         What Is A Little?
Everywhere I look, the definitions of a little and a baby-girl/boy are different so it's hard for me to come up with a concrete idea of what it is...
Many people describe a little/babygirl as someone who plays the role of a child at a certain age. which is completely different to how I see it. That definition to me sounds more like ageplay which is simply roleplay... pretend.
Many people describe a little/baby-girl as an adult who plays the role of a child at a certain age. which is completely different to how I see it. That definition to me sounds more like age-play which is simply role-play... pretend. The way I see it, is age-play is a completely separate area of D/s. The specific ages the role-play... I consider that age-play, and there's nothing wrong with it, but it's just different to a little or a baby-girl.
That's not to say a little or a baby-girl can't participate in age-play... because it does fit nicely with the lifestyle... but it's not the point of being a little (please keep in mind this is my own definition, there is no right or wrong)
A baby girl to me is an adult submissive who needs the positive male role model and craves the protection, but also needs the role somewhere between a submissive and a pet. they look up to their Master as a Daddy or father figure. They feel vulnerable and crave protection and gentle care. They do not specifically play or feel at a certain age, they just crave the protection, support, reliability and nurturing nature of a Daddy Dom 
 A little is a type of baby-girl
A little has the same needs as a baby-girl... but expresses inner vulnerability and innocence to the point that they sometimes appear childlike in their behavior. It's not about role playing a certain aged child, it's about expressing those... childlike needs to the point that behavior may appear childlike
It's real, it's not pretend, it's not age-play.
A little has a kind of.... approximate age range that they feel... but it may fluctuate and isn't a concrete age... because it's just an estimation based on their needs and emotions whereas if you ask an age-player how old they are, they'll tell you straight away.
A little will hesitate upon being asked for an age, and not know whether to give you the age they are chronologically... or how old they're feeling... they usually don't know how old they're feeling and can only guess.
My little is young... though I'd not be able to give you an age...  not an exact one anyway 
 It's not black and white about what age you are at either... in age-play, people tend to either be role playing a child ... or they're their adult self, and not somewhere in between
Whereas... with a little... they can be at their littlest... they can be at their actual adult age, or they could be floating somewhere along the spectrum between the two.
Because it's not role play, it's a mix of feelings and emotions, and when you're feeling emotions from both your adult and little self, you land somewhere in the middle." 


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